Waldorf Association Pilisborosjeno / Pilisborosjenői Waldorf Egyesület
Bank account: Magnet Bank 16200137-18542644
IBAN code: HU69 1620 0137 1854 2644 0000 0000
Tax number: 18129724-1-13

Dear Friends,

Our Association (Pilisborosjenői Waldorf Egyesület) has started its work in 2015 by founding our kindergarten in Pilisborosjenő, a picturesque village placed in the hilly area of Pilis, northwest of Budapest (15 km). In 2019, the same association made up by parents and supporters decided to continue its work and establish an elementary school in the village, which would offer pedagogy based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, in the nurturing natural environment of the Pilis area. We believe that this village embraced by the Pilis natural reserve can provide an ideal and healthy ambient setting for children to cultivate their intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacities and so to grow into healthy individuals who will be of service to the world.

Our aim is to build a school that would be fully integrated into the local social and physical context. Our intent is to realize this in a way that the spiritual freedom, equality in the legal and social world and economic cooperation and brotherhood, may be practiced and maintained. We would like our children to grow and socialize within this environment and to become mature individuals who create their world built on love and with full responsibility towards it.

We also plan to establish a organic agricultural farm adjacent to the school. Our plans might be ambitious, but we firmly believe that every good thing in the world is born from courageous dreaming. We have already done a lot of work to reach this dream. We successfully negotiated with the local administration and obtained the possibility to start our school in September 2020 in the old, unused school building located in the heart of the village. There are 26 families who have been successfully accepted in first grade starting in this September. We will soon start the renovation work on the building for which the estimated cost is 15 million Hungarian Forints, required to restructure classrooms, office space, other adjacent rooms, to change old floor to wooden floor, to equip classrooms, to adjust school yard and garden, to create a space for outdoor play for children.

If you think that you would like to be part of this project, even with a small sum, you can do this either by designating 1% of your income tax or/and directly donating to the Association’s bank account the sum you feel appropriate. We are grateful for every supporter who helps this project.

Pilisborosjenői Waldorf Egyesület bank account: Magnet Bank 16200168-00118499
Tax number: 18129724-1-13

Thank you!